"William & Henry Associates has been named by the Los Angeles Business Journal for ten years running as one of the Top Investment Banks in Los Angeles. I think there is a primary reason for that. Our focus on our engaged private company clients is singular. Unlike many other investment banks, we do not attempt to obtain as clients any private equity firms, public companies or the like who are on the opposite side of the transaction from our engaged client. We believe the potential for conflict and adverse effects to our client, the private business owner, is too great. The private business owner is our client, not the other side. Period. We never try to get or set ourselves up to get business from the “other side” of a transaction. We are focused on serving our engaged client only to get them the highest price and the best overall deal. Unlike many other investment banks, we don’t curry favor from the other side to get future business from them. Therefore, we can be as tough and demanding of the other side as we need to be on behalf of our client, without fear of losing business from the other side."
David J. Iannini - Chairman, President and CEO

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Why Choose an Investment Bank?

Some owners choose to attempt to sell their business and/or raise capital without an investment banker. Sub-optimal results can occur in terms both price received/capital raised and other non-price terms.

The largest companies in the world use investment bankers to execute their transactions. Why? Because they know investment bankers have the knowledge, experience, contacts, analytics and expertise as well as the ability to create a process to potentially improve your results (price and non-price related) sometimes in excess of the cost of hiring an investment banker. Investment Banks know how to identify all potential buyers of a business, not just the ones that business owners are aware of. Such buyers include strategic buyers, including not only within the industry but also those looking to vertically integrate down to customers and/or suppliers. The hiring of an investment banker allows you to focus on running the business so that your time and company's results are not significantly impaired during the sometimes long, trying and voluminous process of executing a transaction.

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Why William & Henry?

WHA is an investment banking firm that serves only private companies with experienced investment bankers.

No conflicts. We do not have focused efforts to serve larger companies nor private equity firms. We do not curry favor with the "other side" of the deal to get future business from THEM. We focus on YOUR deal to get the best deal we can for our clients. We can be as tough as need be without fear of lost potential business from the "other side".

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Private Company's Common Mistakes

Below are some of the mistakes/missteps made by private business owners in the sale of their business and/or raising capital. But, before we tell you the problems, we will give you our recommendation.

Recommendation: We recommend that you have at least a one hour meeting with the following individuals as you prepare for a sale/capital raise.

Investment banker,
Transaction attorney,
Transaction-related accountant/C.P.A.,
Tax professional attorney and/or C.P.A.
Estate Planning specialists
Wealth Management advisors

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