William & Henry CEO Invited to Join Los Angeles World Affairs Council

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David Iannini, CEO of William & Henry Associates, has been invited to join the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. The Los Angeles World Affairs Council is a unique group of leaders in Los Angeles with the goal of advancing the interests of Los Angeles and America in international affairs around the world. The Council was established in 1953 and has hosted discussions with eight U.S. Presidents and over 250 foreign heads of state and a long list of other international figures including former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and billionaire inventor Elon Musk.

About William & Henry Associates

William and Henry Associates provides a variety of investment banking services to its clients. Our clients are primarily small and medium-size private, entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses in a variety of industries. The firm serves clients all over the United States from its offices in Los Angeles and Scottsdale.